Looking at the challenges women artists and designers encountered and are experiencing, here’s an opportunity for you to express yourself regarding issues, past and present, posted by our contributors.

Andrea Dasha Reich’s Optimistic Vision

Topic: Issues //05-17-2017

An unequal art world

Topic: Issues //04-24-2017

Is the Push for Women in STEM Hurting Female Artists?

Topic: Issues //04-19-2017

Turkish Artist Zehra Doğan Sentenced to Prison for Painting of Kurdish Town Attack

Topic: Issues //04-05-2017

A Painting and News Report Land a Turkish Artist in Prison

Topic: Issues //03-22-2017

Artist Kathleen Mulcahy: Strength of Glass Reminiscent of Women

Topic: Issues //02-07-2017

Uffizi to show more female artists

Topic: Issues //02-07-2017

Knitters Are Furiously Making Pink ‘Pussyhats’ For The Looming Women’s March On Washington

Topic: Issues //01-20-2017

Anne Patterson’s Installations, Paintings and Sculptures: Process of Discovery

Topic: Issues //01-02-2017

Fine Arts, Folk Arts & Feminism

Topic: Issues //12-09-2016

A Funny Thing Happened on the way to Socialist Feminism

Topic: Issues //12-05-2016

Whitechapel Gallery curator hopes all-female show will be ‘defiant riposte’ to Trump winning US election

Topic: Issues //11-28-2016


Topic: Issues //11-23-2016

Fresh Talk: How can the arts advance body politics?

Topic: Issues //11-23-2016

Women in the Arts Get Paid Less Too

Topic: Issues //11-21-2016