Looking at the challenges women artists and designers encountered and are experiencing, here’s an opportunity for you to express yourself regarding issues, past and present, posted by our contributors.

Amanda Dow Thompson’s Odes to Female Strength, Perseverance and Capability

Topic: Issues //11-17-2016

Mickalene Thomas: ‘A black woman’s existence on this planet is a revolutionary act’

Topic: Issues //11-11-2016

No Man’s Land

Topic: Issues //11-01-2016

197 Years After It Opens, the Prado Museum Gives a Woman a Solo Show

Topic: Issues //10-31-2016

Don’t Let the Men Crowd You!

Topic: Issues //10-25-2016

What We’re Doing About Gender Inequality In The Arts

Topic: Issues //10-18-2016

Still Going Strong: Memoirs, Stories, and Poems About Great Older Women: Book Review

Topic: Issues //10-17-2016

Deare Sister By Chris Wind: Book Review

Topic: Issues //10-17-2016

My Gallbladder was an Installation Artist

Topic: Issues //10-17-2016

Galleries Across the U.S. Continue To Shun Female Artists

Topic: Issues //09-22-2016

Meet the Artist Running for State Rep in Rural Pennsylvania

Topic: Issues //09-21-2016

Black Women Artists Bear Witness in Red

Topic: Issues //09-07-2016

Art, Religion, Commerce, and Other Fickle Forms of Devotion

Topic: Issues //09-01-2016

Strong Impressions: Alison Saar’s Powerful Prints

Topic: Issues //08-26-2016

Art Is Genderful! An Artist’s Notes on Navigating a Sexist System

Topic: Issues //08-11-2016

In Cambodia, War Widows Share Their Stories Through Art

Topic: Issues //08-09-2016

Bringing a Sculptural Platoon of Female Soldiers to Life

Topic: Issues //06-21-2016