Topic : Successes // 01-19-2016

The Essence of Joy – Combating the Blues with Art

Antonia (Toni) Ruppert is a painter in the Chicago area who works in acrylics, oils and pastels.   You said you combat the blues with ...

Podcast: Artist Meg Saligman, “The Power of Art to Inspire Community Dialogue”

Topic: Successes //06-26-2018

Podcast: Ceramicist Kathy Butterly, “Making Work That Resonates With Your Heart and Mind”

Topic: Successes //06-26-2018

Podcast: “Owning Your Legacy with Alexa Hampton, Interior Designer”

Topic: Successes //06-26-2018

Gloria Stoll Karn: Pulp Magazine Artist

Topic: Successes //06-25-2018


What do you think? You are invited to respond to our contributors’ ideas and to join the stimulating conversation with others who are doing the same. Have you got an idea?

Podcast: Artist Janine Antoni

Topic: Ideas //06-25-2018

An Ethereal Sense of Landscape

Topic: Ideas //06-21-2018


First-hand narratives of sisterhood, of making art, of college life and of so much more; you will be inspired as you read, listen and watch these stories.

Uncovering Her Heritage


Learning About Mexican Tattoo Culture



From Medieval times through the Feminist Art Movement to the present day, there are accounts of women overcoming adversity to create works of art and design. You will learn about some of those women here.

Sabrina Ott, An Appreciation

Topic: Heritage //06-29-2018

Colorado Women’s History Museum

Topic: Heritage //06-25-2018


Moore’s career-focused education is paramount in launching the careers of its graduates.  Discover the great successes of the College’s alumnae, many of whom are entrepreneurs with their own businesses or studios.

Fashion Designer’s Ready to Rumble


Next Up: Paris Fashion Week, Fall 2018



Need to find a gallery, studio, arts related business or another women’s visual arts organization? Here is a robust directory of resources for women artists and designers.

Feminist Art Base

Brooklyn Museum Elizabeth A. Slacker Center for Feminist Art Feminist Art Base The Feminist Art Base is a digital archive dedicated solely to feminist art, offering profiles of some of…

Emerging from the Shadows; A Survey of Women Artists Working in California, 1860-1960

From painting and sculpture, to drawing and print making, the women artists in early California were trailblazers, each one essential to the momentum of a movement that opened the door…

Women’s Studio Workshop

Women’s Studio Workshop is a visual arts organization that runs residency and internship programs, intensive Summer Art Institute workshops, year-round ceramics classes, an award-winning art education program, and a sustainable…

Illinois Women Artists Project

Illinois Women Artists Project is a unique gathering place to recognize and appreciate the work and experiences of Illinois women artists from the past.

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