Here are more specifics on the content we are seeking.

IDEAS: This section is for pieces about innovative approaches women are taking with their work and careers and can also include “thought pieces” about leadership, movements and other topics specific to women visual artists.

ISSUES: We are looking for the challenges women are facing in terms of their work and careers, pieces that will help to spark a rich online dialogue.

HERITAGE: Focuses on women’s art-making from early times through the 20th century and the strides they have made in overcoming adversity.

SUCCESSES: About the successes women have had in the past, are having today and what they are looking forward to in the future.

Please note: The site is not to promote exhibitions unless they are tied to the Issues, Ideas and Successes that might have occurred as a result of those projects.

In addition to the categories mentioned, there is a Resources section with women’s visual arts organizations, including galleries, studios, service organizations, funders and businesses, and a section for contributors to promote themselves and their work.   You are welcome to add Resources specific to these categories.

We invite you to become a contributor for this exciting new initiative; please complete the contact below and someone will be in touch. Thank you!

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