Looking at the challenges women artists and designers encountered and are experiencing, here’s an opportunity for you to express yourself regarding issues, past and present, posted by our contributors.

International Feminist Video Art Festival Video Call

Topic: Issues //03-15-2018

Prominent Artists and Art Workers Demand Artforum Boycott to Avoid Lining the “Pockets of an Abuser”

Topic: Issues //02-09-2018

Manifesto for Female Artists: Increase Bold Expression, Productivity and Volume

Topic: Issues //01-19-2018

Elizabeth Murray’s Rule-Breaking Paintings Continue to Inspire Younger Artists

Topic: Issues //01-17-2018

Earth Muse

Topic: Issues //12-15-2017

Art by Women Sells for 47.6% Less Than Works by Men, Study Finds

Topic: Issues //12-15-2017

Reality Grab Back

Topic: Issues //12-15-2017

Latina Artists: Their Stories Must Be Told

Topic: Issues //12-08-2017

I’ll Never Tell

Topic: Issues //12-04-2017

Layered Collages by Deborah Roberts Confront Preconceived Ideas of Beauty and Culture

Topic: Issues //12-04-2017

Only in Philadelphia

Topic: Issues //10-24-2017

An Exhibition About Revolution that Keeps Faith with Ringgold

Topic: Issues //09-18-2017

Dude! Nikon Picked 32 Male Photographers to Promote New Camera

Topic: Issues //09-18-2017

Pussy Riot’s New Immersive Theater Project Will Show You What Russian Prison Is Really Like

Topic: Issues //08-09-2017

Confronting Cambodian Sexism Through Portraiture

Topic: Issues //06-12-2017

Freeing Tania Bruguera

Topic: Issues //05-22-2017