My Story As A Woman Animator

Posted by: Pilar Menendez

Not all the stories of women in animation are successful. In my opinion there’s an underlying sexist prejudice in animation against females. I started working in animation in 1980 as an assistant animator for Hanna Barbera studios in Madrid, Spain. In 1995, my husband David Feiss  and I created the series Cow and Chicken for the TV Cartoon Network. He then went on to realize it was going to be big and signed me off my rights .  That was fraud.  I have been bullied by this guy and no one in animation ever gave me a chance to work again after we divorced. The latest thing he did was to isolate me from my children, they are adults but they chose their father because he is a Sony director and I am nobody.

A nightmare, this is my experience as a woman in animation. I have been cast out in all aspects of life. Very sad. Click here to read my interview on Platypus Comix describing what happened. Males helping males!  I thought this was important to tell young women – nothing is as pretty as it looks.


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