From Medieval times through the Feminist Art Movement to the present day, there are accounts of women overcoming adversity to create works of art and design. You will learn about some of those women here.

Forerunner and Inspiration: Claire Falkenstein

Topic: Heritage //08-02-2016

A Comic Book Character Seeks Sexual Empowerment in Postwar Italy

Topic: Heritage //06-08-2016

HISTORIAS: Women Tinsmiths of New Mexico

Topic: Heritage //06-01-2016

A Barbara Hepworth Retrospective Hampered by Her Male Contemporaries

Topic: Heritage //05-25-2016

Kea Tawana’s Ark of Newark

Topic: Heritage //05-23-2016

The Praise and Prejudices Vigée Le Brun Faced in Her Exceptional 18th-Century Career

Topic: Heritage //05-18-2016

Refocusing on Marisol’s Ingenuity as a Sculptor and Draughtswoman

Topic: Heritage //05-17-2016

Eva Hesse: “I do feel I am an artist and one of the best, I do deeply”

Topic: Heritage //05-04-2016

At 100, Carmen Herrera’s Career Would Make Any Artist Jealous

Topic: Heritage //04-18-2016

Diane Burko & Dr. Ann Sutherland Harris Reflect on FOCUS & Alice Neel

Topic: Heritage //04-06-2016

Paula Modersohn-Becker

Topic: Heritage //03-25-2016

Alice Neel: “A Pioneer Among Women Artists”

Topic: Heritage //02-17-2016

Audrey Munson: “Miss Manhattan” & American Venus”

Topic: Heritage //02-16-2016

Leonor Fini: Eccentric Bohemian

Topic: Heritage //01-19-2016