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Podcast: Ingrid Schaffner, curator

Topic: Ideas //01-24-2017

Barbara Kyne’s Abstract Photography: Empathy for the “Other” and the Planet

Topic: Ideas //12-06-2016

Ontario Landscape Empowers Trio of Wilderness Artists Committed to Portraying and Preserving the Environment

Topic: Ideas //11-21-2016

Why Are Portraits of Women More Valuable Than Portraits of Men?

Topic: Ideas //11-01-2016

Your Digital Assets: Artists Weigh In

Topic: Ideas //10-17-2016

A studio visit with a mid-century artist

Topic: Ideas //10-11-2016

Anna Kunz—The body is present

Topic: Ideas //10-04-2016

It’s Design, Stupid!

Topic: Ideas //09-25-2016

Inge Druckrey: Teaching to See

Topic: Ideas //08-24-2016

A Mother/Artist Inspired by Nature & Zen

Topic: Ideas //08-23-2016

Catherine Pancake’s “Queer Genius”

Topic: Ideas //08-18-2016

The Sculptural, Musical Paintings of Mary Heilmann

Topic: Ideas //08-17-2016

A lapsed painter picks up the brush: Getting back to basics

Topic: Ideas //08-17-2016

Material Deception: Honor Freeman and Lynda Benglis

Topic: Ideas //08-15-2016

Carter Emmart performs on the OmniGlobe™

Topic: Ideas //08-11-2016