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Movies that Made Me: Who Does She Think She Is?

Topic: Ideas //08-10-2017

Rebuttal: On Gender Bias and Creativity

Topic: Ideas //07-14-2017

Women Thinking Big & Taking Risks

Topic: Ideas //06-22-2017

Clarifying Feminism Through the Words of Second-Wave Artists

Topic: Ideas //05-17-2017

Reflecting on women in the visual arts in 1972 vs. today

Topic: Ideas //05-16-2017

Marina Esmeraldo Creates Defiant Girl Gangs with a Tropical Modern Twist

Topic: Ideas //05-10-2017

Painter and Photographer Jane Gottlieb: “Addicted to Color”

Topic: Ideas //05-10-2017

Women of Appalachia Challenge Regional Stereotypes Through Art

Topic: Ideas //05-08-2017

Meet the Feminist Comic Artists Who Draw Porn in Public

Topic: Ideas //04-11-2017

Do It Yourself

Topic: Ideas //04-04-2017


Topic: Ideas //02-15-2017

Meet Dr. Mary Schmidt Campbell

Topic: Ideas //02-10-2017

Meet Meg Saligman

Topic: Ideas //02-10-2017

Art (and Cookies) Served Up in Hillary Clinton’s Orange Pantsuit

Topic: Ideas //02-02-2017