Wydelah Campbell

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Hear from Wydelah Campbell, a Graphic Design Junior, at Moore College of Art & Design. Learn about her introduction to Moore and her subsequent passion for the school, (0:13) the ease and benefits of being on campus and having everything she needs at her finger-tips, whether it’s work space, the dining hall, clubs to participate in, activities with peers, (0:46) the empowerment she feels being part of an all-womens college, (1:17) her experience being a full-time mom and student simultaneously, and how supportive everyone has been, (1:30) her introduction to Graphic Design with Moore faculty Dorothy Funderwhite, (1:59) Wydelah’s subsequent interest in Branding, and her hopes of interning with local Design Firm GD Loft, (2:09) her love of Moore’s and Philadelphia’s active & vibrant Art community, (2:35) and the plethora of things you can find to do in Philadelphia, (2:56) Moore is… (3:12)