Lydia Knopp

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Hear from Lydia Knopp, a Graphic Design and Curatorial Studies Junior, at Moore College of Art & Design. Learn about her experience with coming right out of a public, co-ed school in Kansas, and going to a private, all-women’s art college in Philly, (0:06) specifically experiencing the all-women academic environment, (0:36) the value of the opportunities she’s had at Moore, (1:05) going out and experiencing a city with over 300,000 other college students (1:17) the challenge a double major has in choosing her internship, (1:58) moving to Philly and finding her way through Mural Arts murals, (2:28) experiencing an internship on the west coast, and how her travels are creating a more well-rounded artist and person, (2:38) Moore is… (2:55)