Kathy Butterly

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I work as an artist, making sculptures from clay. My work is represented by the Tibor De Nagy Gallery in NYC. I started working with clay while at Moore, so I would definitely say that Moore provided me with the opportunity to find what truly interested me, which is what I continue to do today.

I chose Moore because I wanted to go to school in a city. I grew up in the suburbs of northern New Jersey, and Philadelphia was just far enough where I could establish being on my own but close enough that I could visit my family easily.

I liked Moore because it was a small school and it felt intimate.  I was part of a core group of fine art majors who really inspired and challenged each other.  I still have very strong connections with some of my professors who are now my friends and peers.  Moore helped me to grow intellectually and to find my identity as artist. In hindsight, being at an all woman’s college was also very empowering.

I liked being in Philadelphia because I could walk everywhere.  I could visit friends who attended other colleges in town and go to some of the city’s great museums. Overall, Philly is a city which supports the arts and values its artists.

Kathy is the winner of the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s 10th Contemporary Artist Award, 2012. In 2013, she was one of Moore’s Visionary Woman awardees.