January Waters

Posted by: Michele Cohen

January Waters ‘13 is a big supporter of the required internship experience at Moore.

The graphic designer’s internship with Anthropologie in Philadelphia led to a full-time job withBHLDN, the company’s wedding brand, soon after graduation. Moore, as part of its career-focused mission, is the only art and design school to provide $1,000 paid internships for each student in every major.

“It’s a great first job after graduating,” Waters said. “My internship really helped to get my foot in the door, got me familiar with the brand and how to apply my artistic abilities to graphic design. It provided real world experience.”

Today, as Print & Interactive Designer for BHLDN/Anthropologie Weddings, Waters is responsible for the company’s print materials – from store signage and tags for wedding gowns to packaging design and invitations. For the “interactive” part of her job, she designs company e-mails and blog entries for “B-Inspired,” a part of BHLDN’s site which offers helpful tips for brides.

“I get to use my illustration skills,” Waters said. “Because I’m also a fine artist, it’s really nice to get hands-on with things, and that’s something that BHLDN really appreciates as part of their brand, a hand-made quality.”

Some of her most rewarding experiences with BHLDN, which just celebrated its third birthday, were designing products for the décor department. She created graphics for a Mr & Mrs wine tote, “Will you be my…” bridesmaid and maid of honor totes, as well as drawings and paintings for a set of four dessert plates currently in production – and soon to be in stores.

Waters hopes to continue to grow with the company, develop her skills and eventually work on more product design.

“It was a cool opportunity because it was really unexpected as a graphic designer to get to design a product that intensely,” she said. “I did the entire product from start to finish. It was a great learning experience.”

Waters transferred to Moore from another college after realizing she wanted to attend a smaller art school. A high school art teacher recommended she look into Moore.

“I felt really comfortable when I walked in the door,” she said. “I liked the small classes and the staff was so friendly and helped you out. The professors seemed to be very connected and pushed you to go outside the school environment and into the city to see exhibits. It opened a lot of doors and made you think about the broader picture.”

Waters also credits the graphic design department at Moore with giving her the requisite skills to be successful in her career.

“I really got the feel for the Adobe programs, Photoshop and In Design and that’s all I use at work,” she said. “If I didn’t have that knowledge I wouldn’t know what I was doing. And of course there’s the internship. Having the opportunity to go out in the field and learn what it’s like to be a professional is definitely rewarding. I think every school should require it.”

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