Painter and Photographer Jane Gottlieb: “Addicted to Color”

Posted by: Andrea Hammer

Jane Gottlieb, an artist combining painting and photography, has been passionate about art since she was a child.

“My mother took painting classes and took me along, so I was painting at an early age. To have a direction, passion and dreams my whole life has been a blessing. Art gives me purpose, enhances my imagination, keeps me curious, continuously learning, studying and stimulated!” she says.

“As a native of Los Angeles, I grew up having a love affair with the ever-present automobile. Cruising the streets, I captured images that reflect my idyllic vision and romantic memories of a long-lost Los Angeles. Intensifying the colors creates an unreal world that reflects a lost but not forgotten Los Angeles.”

Throughout her life, Gottlieb has traveled to international destinations, taking photographs of the natural and human-made world as the basis of her artworks. The subjects of her multiple series range from classic automobiles to architecture, gardens, cityscapes, monuments and villas.

“I could not be a painter and travel the world. I took up my camera in my early 20s and didn’t paint again until I discovered I could paint on my Cibachrome prints 14 years later,” she says.

“One day, I found my printer spotting my print with retouching dye that was especially for Cibachorme prints. It turns out the dye goes into the emulsion, mixes with whatever color is already in the print. After washing the print, it is a glossy luminescent photographic print with unrealistic super-saturated color. I discovered that if I painted an image 5 to 10 times, I could really push a lot of color into the emulsion.”

The artist and photographer also used Photoshop to “leap into the future.” She “swan dived” into the new technology and relished digital printing for its ability to register emotional and joyful color.

Gottlieb says that everyone who walks into her home or looks at her art feels happy. She thinks that color can be uplifting and focuses on the ones in nature: purples, pinks, blues, greens, yellows and sometimes a touch of orange.

“I am addicted to color, so everything in my life is colorful: clothes, house inside and out, furniture, kitchen stuff, file cabinets, rugs and, of course, my art,” she says.

The painter and photographer loves Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings as well as her sense of color and whimsy. She also points to many women artists and photographers as friends who “speak the same language and share many interests.”

What does she want viewers to experience and take away after seeing her work?

“I hope to create images that surprise and intrigue, drawing the viewer into my idyllic vision, ultimately uplifting them with vibrant color and evocative beauty,” Gottlieb says.


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