Manifesto for Female Artists: Increase Bold Expression, Productivity and Volume

Posted by: Andrea Hammer

During a time when women in creative fields are stepping forward to report a record number of assaults, the role of female artists is particularly critical. Their vision is essential to recognize personal and collective injuries while working to heal, educate, support and inspire others to reclaim usurped power. For any creator who has faced intimidation, been forced to stifle self-expression or encountered quashing of artistic output, here are some reasons that throwing off restraints is especially urgent:

Five Empowering Artistic Contributions

On the surface, beautiful art and striking designs enhance the quality of our surroundings. Beyond that simple visual impact, artists have the ability to make these empowering contributions:

1. Recognize: In a world where many feel isolated because of differences or painful experiences, art has the power to acknowledge others’ essence. Visual interpretations that express the full range of women’s existence allow them to feel validated.

2. Heal: From soothing images of glistening water to colorful bursts of color, female artists can produce expressive, comforting and uplifting work that speeds the healing process. With an intuitive or personal understanding of life-altering experiences, they can offer others balm in a time of need.

3. Educate: Through sometimes unsettling portrayals, women in artistic fields can educate others about difficult or troubling subjects. By encouraging a vital dialogue and raising awareness, their artwork can help prevent similar violations in the future.

4. Support: The capacity of women to offer each other encouragement about our artistic projects is boundless. With an increase in collective productivity, important messages about ending violence and eliminating the control of women will spur action.

5. Inspire: When one artist has the courage to express ideas about cloaked issues, she encourages others to voice pressing concerns. Together, this intensified volume will insist that intolerable practices are no longer accepted and demand respect for women in all artistic industries.

Obligation of Female Artists

If you are a woman with creative talent, full expression of your ideas is needed immediately. When others use their power to block, take advantage of or destroy your artistic spirit, find another way to overcome these hurdles. Instead of hiding behind others’ creativity, summon your courage to create bold work, which stimulates important conversations about women’s issues around the world.

As female artists, we have an obligation to ourselves–and others without a voice–to make a meaningful difference.



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