International Feminist Video Art Festival Video Call

Posted by: Roy Wilbur

FEM TOUR TRUCK, International Feminist Video Art Festival, opens the call for the reception of videos for the second edition of the festival that will take place from June 2018 in different cities of Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Ecuador and Colombia (there are more countries to be confirmed). Fem Tour Truck is an independent, non-profit festival. The festival shows videos of artists who make visible feminist struggles and question social paradigms, in order to the empowerment of women in general.

The festival is an abnormal cultural practice where a truck runs through different countries to settle in a square and generate a space for exhibitions, meetings, debate and collaborations beyond the proposals of the institution, to be able to reach those people and places where art, feminism and culture programming does not usually arrive. The objective is to talk about feminism from art, from humor, from the everyday, from the margins, to make this festival a tool capable of questioning the social and cultural meaning of artistic practices as generators of critical thinking.

The last edition received works from all over the world, with three winners. The short film presented by the producer Origine Films located in France, won the category of short film with the video “The greenberry method”, by the director Baptiste Bertheuil, a short film between humor and criticism, which deals with the situation of women having a job interview and how it can turn out differently. A video of social criticism, of empowerment that makes us think where we are, and how we look at ourselves, from where we judge the world. In the category of video art, the winning video was presented by Lisa Brike, from Canada, with the work “Bombshell”, another representation that plays with humor, criticism and the utopian. In this video Brike shows the empowerment of a woman breaking all patriarchal stereotypes of the construction of the female gender, demystifying the role of sensitive and weak woman and imposing a vision of a strong and determined woman. The category of video performance had less video reception, but among them was Katrina Biurrun, from Spain, who developed the work “The onion is present”, a metaphor of Marina Abramovic’s work, in which Katrina looks at her public, the user who watches the video, while eating onions, once again criticism and humor meet to question us as artists.

Open call runs until April 30, 2018. 

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