Interdisciplinary Artist Jessica Ciocci

Posted by: Roy Wilbur

Jessica Ciocci is an American artist working in a range of mediums, including animation and video, crafting, digital online projects, comics, mixtapes, performance, painting, drawing and sculpture.  As a director and actress, Ciocci is known for the films Trash Talking (2006), Pick a Winner (2004) and Super Mario Movie (2005).

She was a founding member of the art collective Paper Rad and has exhibited at the New Museum, the Migros Museum, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Deitch Projects, and Foxy Production. She has spoken and/or performed at Bard College, Columbia College, SVA and Smith College.

Ken Johnson with The New York Times had this to say about a 2006 exhibition by Ciocci.

“Jessica Ciocci is a member of the three-artist collective Paper Rad, which produces comic books, paintings, videos, performances, an entertaining Web site and much more. Ms. Ciocci’s enjoyable first solo show reflects the group’s penchant for childlike Pop Art: it looks like the work of an unusually industrious girl inspired by a television cartoon starring a hippie female pig. The pig character appears in a large painting on beat-up cardboard wearing a miniskirt, boots and big hair and flashing the peace sign. Profile portraits of the character appear in paintings, collages and fabric works, all of which tend to be in vividly patterned, Day-glo colors. Inside a patchwork tent occupied by stuffed pig dolls, a television plays a colorful, kaleidoscopic video of churning pigs and eye-dazzling patterns. The pig emerges from all this as the totemic deity of an imaginary New Age tribe.

Ms. Ciocci’s art of faux-innocent fun harks back to the East Village scene of the early 1980’s and artists like Kenny Scharf and Keith Haring. Her work, like theirs, has a darker, satiric side. It parodies the simple-minded visions of personal empowerment, passionate lifestyle and spiritual bliss that are continually foisted on infantilized consumers of all ages.”

On March 25 you will be able to meet Ciocci at the “2017 MooreWomenArtists: Women in Animation Film Festival,” when she presents an animated program loosely-based on her audio collage mix tapes.  It will include a fully integrated video collage of inspiring women animators whom she admires.

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