The Creative Path by Carolyn Schlam

Posted by: Roy Wilbur

Introducing my book:

THE CREATIVE PATH: A View from the Studio on the Making of Art by Carolyn Schlam

I am really happy to announce that my book, long in planning and manifestation, has finally arrived.  A treatise on art making from multiple points of view– psychological, philosophical, practical and spiritual, THE CREATIVE PATH is a paean to the joys and trials of making art.    It has been published by Skyhorse Publishing and will be released on May 1, 2018.  I hope you will read it and catch my thoughts on why and how we make art after a lifetime of toiling and rejoicing at the task.

Part memoir, part passing the torch, part inspiration, I have dug deep to bring you my days in the studio, past and present, and many of the ideas that have passed through my brain along the way.

What is talent, how do we know our work is authentic, how to find your intention, inspiration and voice. What does the artist’s life have in store, what are the pitfalls and takeaways?   What do you have to give up to make art, and what art pays you in return.   How to start and how to know when you’re done. How to criticize your own work, how not to.  What are the good habits and the bad?

And much more.

After each chapter, I give you some exercises to help you flex and develop your creative muscles. They may help when you’re stumped and need some fuel.

I pay homage to my old Russian teacher, and share some of his lectures I’ve saved.  These are accompanied with commentary so you get the context out of which they arose.

I’m hoping the book will start a fire in your brain and I’d love to hear from you as to whether it’s helped at all, and how you found it useful.    This is a pay-it-forward moment for me, and it will delight me to hear THE CREATIVE PATH has found its audience.

The book will be released by the publisher on May 1, 2018 and can be pre-ordered at booksellers everywhere.  Click here for more info .Or you can just go to the website of your favorite bookseller and type in the title.  You’ll find it.

When you’ve had a chance to read it, write to me at, or visit my website at and fill out the contact form.  Thanks for hearing me out and giving my book a read.   I wrote it for you!

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