Dr. Glyn Thompson

Glyn Thompson is an independent scholar, curator and writer living in the Lake District of the UK.

In 2008 he curated Jemandem ein R Mutt’s Zeugnis Ausstellen, Monsieur Goldfinch, at the City of Leeds Art Gallery: a volume with the same title  was published by Wild Pansy Press. In Spring, 2010, with his daughter Flora Thompson, Thompson curated Duchamp’s Emerald Tablet, in the Special Collections of the University of Leeds, as part of the Artist’s Book Fair; in Spring, 2014, Educating Damien at the Tetley, Leeds; in 2015, with Julian Spalding, A Lady’s Not A Gents, at Summmerhall, Edinburgh (August-September,) and, most recently, ‘Elsa in Philadelphia’ for the 2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe at the same venue  which, with the previous entry, is now part of the Summerhall permanent collection.

Thompson writes regularly for The Jackdaw Magazine, and occasionally in Art-Critical. In 2016, with Liz Stainforth, he published, in The Journal of Curatorial Studies (Vol. 5., No. 2, 2016,) Curatorial Translation: The Case of Marcel Duchamp’s Green Box. He has also been published on Jane Chafin’s Offramp Gallery Blog and in the Huffington Post.

An increasing number of his critiques of Duchamp scholarship and comment continue to appear on Academia.edu.

For twenty-five years – until 1917 – Thompson taught at Jacob Kramer College, Leeds, and for five years – until 2009 – at the University of Leeds.

From 1997 to 2001 Thompson was chef-patron at In Vino Veritas, Leeds, home of the Café Scientifique, whose first guest speaker was Olivers Sachs, and whose last was Carl Djerassi. In between it hosted, among others, Alan Sokal. His doctoral thesis, Unwinding Duchamp: Mots et Paroles à Tous les Étages, was published by the University of Leeds (2009.).

An electronic copy of Duchamp’s Urinal? The Facts Behind the Façade can be obtained from the Wild Pansy Press at store.leeds.ac.uk.

Image: Dr Glyn Thompson at the Magic Chef Mansion, St Louis, 3 September 2016, holding the iPhone of Shelley Donaho which is displaying a photograph of Francis M. Naumann gingerly squeezing, on August 4, 2016, the rabbit-ears of the Doherty Rabbit-Eared Self-Closing Urinal Cock attached to the only known example of the same make and model of urinal as that which Elsa submitted to the Independents, identified by Glyn Thompson in 2015.