Andrea Dasha Reich’s Optimistic Vision

Posted by: Andrea Hammer

As the oldest child of a Holocaust survivor, Andrea Dasha Reich turned to art as a defense mechanism. Instead of consuming the dark stories that she listened to at every meal while growing up, the artist ultimately expressed her optimistic vision through vibrant bursts of color.

“I’m grateful for every day and feel transported in the studio,” she says.

After inspirational experiences in Jerusalem and later work in the New York fashion industry, the artist learned to become organized and put together a collection. She also discovered the value of presenting herself professionally and the constant need for marketing.

“Art is business,” says Reich, who has displayed her work in galleries from SoHo to Florida. “Some artists are good promoters, but it doesn’t come naturally to me.”

Although she doesn’t have instant remedies, she recommends going to exhibit openings regularly. Reich also suggests socializing and connecting with others. With galleries going out of business, she thinks that these steps are particularly important.

Throughout her career as an artist, Reich has adapted to other changing needs. For 20 years, she experimented with resin as a pioneer in the field and expressed herself best with this material. Although she “stayed ahead of the curve,” the process became exhausting physically.

In September, she started creating fiber art in a new “Fusion” series. Reich says that the more she works with latex, the more interesting it becomes. She finds the dimensions of these pieces and the ability to move them especially appealing.

The artist, who draws inspiration from organic shapes, takes the time to stop and look at natural elements. For example, she takes photos and is very aware of the bright colors in gardens. They often inform her pieces, which make viewers happy.

That’s amazing,” Reich says, reveling in the good fortune of doing work that she loves.

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