Artist as Influencer: Jeanette Getrost

Posted by: American Women Artists

Vogue Magazine calls Jeanette Getrost “fashion’s new It Girl.” In just two years, this 27-year-old fashion illustrator from Los Angeles has leveraged Instagram’s ever evolving platform into a lucrative business making her one of the industry’s most in-demand illustrators. With 85,000 followers and clients like Estée Lauder and Coach, Jeanette has a lot to share about how artists should be using Instagram as part of their business model.

This presentation was part of “Voices and Visions from the New Frontier: A Symposium on Women and Art in the 21st Century” produced by American Women Artists at the Scottsdale Center for the Arts on Saturday, November 14, 2015.

Photo: Jeanette-Getrost-Attending-Tosia-SS16-Fashion-Show, courtesy of Stylesprinter 

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